a programming language reminiscent of LISP

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This is the web page of a programming language called Stutter.
It is an interpreted language not unlike LISP, Scheme & co.
It runs on Linux (and probably other unices), Windows and Windows CE.
Originally, it was intended for purely educational purposes; but since then, it has seen entirely too much use in production environments, particularly as a scripting platform for PDA-based web applications.

All the software is open source, licensed on a "do whatever you want with it" basis. (igor2 clarifies: this means that Stutter is public domain.)

There is an interpreter library and a command line environment. A script interface module for Stutter exists in GPMI, the General Package/Module Interface.




E-mail to Mate Nagy:


The little documentation that is available is in the Subversion repository; but you can read it here:

Download Stutter

Source code distribution:


Windows binary (only the command line shell):

The most recent version (which is considerably more recent than the above releases) can be downloaded from the Subversion repository:

% svn co stutter

For compilation, you'll need gcc and make; for the command line environment, the development package of libreadline.


Thanks dig, igor2 and glx for their valuable input.